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Olga Pankova provides a unique and exclusive way to preserve your special day.

Events of the day will be captured on canvas or other medium, in acrylic paint and offered to you on that day!

Firstly, about an hour before the start of the event, Olga arrives and the background starts to be painted,
after that the couple begins to appear on the canvas.
The important details of who is to be included in the wedding painting is determined ahead of time.

Finally as the guests arrive, they will love seeing the transformation of watching the
wedding couple appear on canvas. Meanwhile, during the wedding, Olga will add all the details to the painting.
Generally, the painting is completed by the end of the evening*

Get more details on the process by clicking here: Olga’s Process

Wedding Painter

Markedly Olga is a truly unique addition to your
wedding which will also provide entertainment for your guests throughout the evening.

She is the sought after artist, specializing in Live Wedding Art locally in the Toronto GTA area and
brings a lifetime of experience as an portrait and fine artist.

Another key point, the wedding painting that Olga creates, above all the guests get to observe her paint!
Throughout the evening more and more of the painting unfolds on the canvas.

Specifically, you can view the Wedding Artist works here: Art Gallery
Olga’s gallery of wedding paintings can be found  here PAINTING GALLERY
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Above all, hiring Olga is a great way to preserve your most memorable events.

Get more details on the process by clicking here: Olga’s Process

Her portrait paintings go far beyond merely capturing a faithful likeness. In short, her physical process of applying paint with a brush creates a unique dynamic energy, impossible to replicate through any mechanical process. Capturing detail is a cornerstone of Olga’s style.
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